$USF Utility for Cover Buyers

The point of this thread is to discuss $USF utility for cover buyers (role)

Similar to the discussion over Capital Miners on “$USF holdings (i.e. USF Loyalty Level) offering better APR” to to Capital Miners, the opposite could be true for Cover Buyers.

Idea: Cover Buyers receive X additional ETH insurance for USF they hold.

Similar to how All State offers a “disappearing deductible,” this does not impact the revenue model directly, but indirectly. That is, there is not a discount for holding USF (i.e. loyalty level), only a larger responsibility in the event of a claim.

…actually, this would impact the revenue model because they would buy less coverage… :thinking:

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Thoughts on having a use for USF token to purchase the insurance itself?

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Why will the value of the USF token grow?
You can make sure that those who take insurance from Unslashed Finance purchase the minimum (+ -) USF tokens and block them on the site and additionally receive a percentage of the reward for this. This would encourage projects to pay more attention to your insurance. In which project can you get insurance for which you can get APY? The Unslashed could have been.
A shortage of tokens will be created in the market and LP liquidity providers will sell USF to these companies, an organic transfer of tokens.
It seems to me that the system why the USF token will grow in price needs to be better refined and described in more detail in the medium.