Staking Pool Rewards Example (Alpha Homora)

Documenting here for examples:

How Will Accrued Fees Be Distributed to ALPHA Stakers?

  • 75% of the total fees accrued by the Alpha Homora protocols will be distributed to all ALPHA stakers in a form of ALPHA tokens. ALPHA stakers will receive tokens in proportion to the amount of ALPHA personally staked vs. total ALPHA staked.
  • 5% of current fees collected by Alpha Homora are set aside for long-term developer grants, as Alpha continues to innovate and decentralize the project
  • 20% of fees accrued by the Alpha Homora protocol will repay outstanding debt owed to C.R.E.A.M. (additional details here)"

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We (USF) do not have the 20% debt they have but it’s interesting the fees are distributed in ALPHA.

Q: Anyone know how that is calculated?

I think the fees, themselves, are collected in ETH, similar to USF, so some conversion must take place in a price conversion, but the treasury keeps the ETH?

We will have to have a separate thread just on “Fee Distribution” but just documenting here.

I think they are buying back their tokens with the earnings and distributing those tokens to stakers. So it’s technically a buyback rather than issuing new ones?

I am in favor of this

I really likes Vesper Finance’s revenue model. See here: Revenue Model - Vesper Documentation

They buyback VSP from the earnings and distribute it to VSP stakers (i.e. holders of their governance token vVSP)

It fits well with our previous conversations.

See VSP’s examples