Proposal for First Full Asset Management Deployment and Allocation

Over the past month, the Unslashed community approved the proposal to use Enzyme for Asset Management, and also supported the proposal to launch the Enzyme bridge and deploy 10% in a test phase .

Since then, we have seen the deployed capital earn additional yield for capital suppliers, but the community has discussed prioritizing getting the rest of the capital deployed so that it can start earning yield. In the past two weeks there has been great discussion in the #asset management channel of the discord server summarized here that leads to this proposal.

At this point, there are still active discussions and differing opinions on optimal strategies and appropriate risk tolerance, but there seems to be consensus on urgency and starting with an initial deployment while we continue to refine approach.

I am proposing that we vote to deploy the majority of the remaining capital in the allocation below as an initial deployment as we iterate on strategies and allocation on an ongoing basis. We will have the ability vote changes to strategy and allocation regularly whenever it feels needed or whenever we get to a new consensus around some new allocation strategy. The idea is just to start with something most DAO members are comfortable.

As a reminder we have approximately 40k ETH in capital funds total. We have 4k deployed already which leaves the rest to consider For the initial deployment of the remaining funds, the proposed allocation is:

  • 20% remain inside the spartan bucket (opportunity for immediate withdrawals)
  • around 40% on steth/eth curve pool
  • around 40% on seth/eth curve pool

Please comment below with comments and thoughts on the proposal and we will put to a vote in 24 hours.


I am in favor of this plan. Now LFG!


Lol, it was late when I was doing this. Corrected two typos. :wink:

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I am supportive too, let’s put those idle ETH at work!


very much in favour of starting like this and refining strategies as we go along (and as more become available!) great work :slight_smile:

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definitely in favour. looks good to start with this approach and the strategy can evolve as we move forward!

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I would also like to voice my support for this proposal.

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