Launching a simple micro-grants program


There were multiple discussions in Discord regarding having a grants program to reward community members for their contributions. Often these discussions ended up pointing towards the difficulty of structuring the program and the need for a council/sub-DAO in charge of the grants.

The complexity and debates related to having a formal multi-year grants program led the community to consider a simple and easy to manage micro-grants program.


Simple micro-grants program that would be ran directly on Discord with the bot.
The micro-grants program will be running for a test period of 3 months and would be structured as follows:

  1. One or two community members will be in charge of the micro-grants and would handle them through the Discord bot - let’s call them Program Managers
  2. The micro-grants program would have a maximum monthly budget of $15 000 in USF, unspent tokens will be rolled over into the next month’s budget while keeping the monthly maximum of $15 000 in USF
  3. Program Managers decide to put bounties and verify that work is delivered as expected + transfer the rewards
  4. Program Managers are awarded 15% of the bounties that is split as follows: 10% based on rewards/grants attributed and 5% quality of the grants/rewards/delivery to be voted over by the DAO members every 3 months

If interested, nominate yourself with a few lines explaining why you would like to be the chosen one :slight_smile:

Hi, Mainbrain_ here. Hopefully people know me from the USF discord for answering questions in #general-chat and in #-usf-utility-wg working to get USF emissions as low as possible. Also the creator of the most recent USF emissions proposal to use Olympus Pro Bonds. With 532 messages in the USF discord, it should be evident that I have USF’s best interest at heart and want to see it succeed.


We can increase your awareness in Turkey. Kripto Hayat We can prepare a guide in Turkish.

Hello, I’m applying for a grant related to this [Proposal: $USF on Bancor] :pray: