[Asset Management] [Request for Feedback] Experiment with new active strategies and optimise the yield


Since the start of the first Asset Management strategies, Unslashed was leaning towards passive strategies. Pretty early on, there were many requests asking for more active strategies involving yield optimisation and further integrations (folding was mentioned several times by @cryptojones, deploying on other protocols and diversifying was also mentioned by community members).

With Enzyme’s new Sulu release, we will be able to go further and start experimenting with more advanced strategies while also aiming for higher yields.

This proposal is an expression of intent related to the 2 following:

  1. Upgrading and moving to Enzyme’s new Sulu release
  2. Starting to experiment with new active Asset Management strategies

On the mid/long term, we are likely to need an Asset Management SubDAO or Committee that will be handling the active strategies for the spartan bucket (and maybe also for other future buckets) with a predefined scope of action and roles.

  1. All for upgrading to Sulu
  2. All for creating Asset Management strategies

we are likely to need an Asset Management SubDAO or Committee

Wow! Thats really going to allow USF to move much faster than before. Very nice to see.

Has there been any progress on this?

There were discussions related to the new AM strats on Discord but we can move forward with a proposal/vote to upgrade to Sulu/start having new AM strats then continue discussing the next steps

As @Marh says, its been discussed at length on discord. You can view it with the following link. Discord

i’ll push a proposal for this very very soon.

proposal on snapshot is now live. Snapshot