Asset management Proposal:

This is intended to discuss ideas and considerations for future Asset management

  1. Discuss ways to invest available capital and have it earn for the USF stakers and DAO
  2. A core component in the proposal would be considering risk management and keeping the majority of the capital invested as a very low risk while being strategic with other investments.

Potential ideas that were mentioned:

  1. Take large portions and deposit onto AAVE or Compound and a portion of the profits go to USF stakers
  2. Explore creating funds on MElon protocol and have some of the capital go to those funds
  3. Direct investment into protocols/dapps focused on strategic partnerships
  4. ETH staking in decentralized protocols (e.g. Rocket Pool, LIDO, Curve, etc) where there is ample access to liquidity and additional rewards

agree with all of this. either put ETH onto Aave, Compound, Cream, or Alpha (and maybe buy coverage from another insurance platform for the funds while they’re there?)

Alpha is probably the highest APY, compound the lowest by far.

I don’t think the funds should go anywhere they could lose value (ie Melon or something like that).

#4 might make sense, need to know more about how that would work. We can’t put it into an eth 2.0 protocol because if we need the funds we won’t have access to them

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yeah, I think lots of options on this and this portion of the project is really exciting to me. I don’t think it is urgent given the goal right now is to grow assets and have long term stakeholder engaged, but we have tons of possibilities in this space. I am interested in creative ideas how we can keep the risk low as well as have a small portion of the capital be invested in something that could serve as an angel protocol and focus on strategic investing/partnerships. Obviously lots of options, but a key consideration of this is to keep risk low given the potential use of the assets.

I like this idea - keeping it simple by sticking to unleveraged farming (e.g. Compound) is a great first step. Asset Management is a fulltime responsibility and could be extremely lucrative so when things are really cranked up with Unslashed, we can take more risk into Yearn, Alpha Homora, ETH2 tokenized staking, etc.

It would be irresponsible if we didn’t include insurance as part of the AM strategy too. I would imagine there’s another DeFi insurer who would trade discounted coverage with Unslashed.


I think there is a lot of cool stuff we can do in this space especially as there are more assets and the model is more mature. I know I am probably preaching to the choir, but I think the risk profile staying low for the overall strategy is important.

I think this is a great point. Not only do you have the degree of safety, but I think it speaks to having confidence in the model of DeFi insurance by purchasing it as well.


Agree with all of this. either put ETH onto Aave, Compound, Cream, or Alpha

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