3 months Carte Blanche for the Team


The Unslashed DAO has just been launched and this forum + scattershot for signalling votes + Tally for DAO votes were put in place.

The community discussions were the source of a lot of great ideas and suggestions, however many topics need more structuring (which already started happening) and also more in-depth research.

While the Team can be part of this work, they also have a roadmap and series fo priorities that were defined and that need to be executed on. Having the team’s attention split + onboarding the community in the small decisions/choices might not be the most efficient way to conquer the market.

A clear scope for the team and for the Unslashed DAO would need to be defined in order to be able to have an efficient organisation.

Let’s establish dominance then hand over full control to the DAO/community.


As the different pieces are being put together and given the sense of urgency to deliver more product-wise as an early stage, recently launched project, the team asks the Unslashed DAO for a mandate to run the show for the next 3 months:

  • core product features, new features, partnerships & business dev topics on which the team could move pretty fast will be pushed forward by the team with the help of the community.
  • the community will be consulted for the most critical/important decisions with an ability to veto any decisions
  • another mandate can be defined and voted over after the 3 months end

This proposal is put to a vote here:


Should we assume none of the topics being discussed on by the Utility Group around token economics, DAO/voting, risk/fees will be implemented until the 3 months have passed? It would be good to understand our timeline and set the community’s expectations.

Is there a hard start/stop date for this 3 month period?

If this fails to pass Snapshot, what is our alternative?

I would like to support this and think @Marh and the team have done great so far.

I think it would be helpful so have some community visibility on this. I understand not wanting to get specific on launch dates/names of partnerships etc. at times, but also think some communication would keep the community engaged and excited.

I would request that as part of this we have a summary of the main goals/roadmap over the 3 months and some kind of a regular update on progress/upcoming items (maybe every other week, but open to different frequency depending on what makes sense)

I also think getting clarification on @acedabook 's question above would be helpful.


The product is still too immature to be truly decentralized in its decision making.
I think empowering the team for a period of 3 to 6 months to develop the different topics in a coherent way is a good thing.


I heavily support this proposal.

Any new project needs strong dedicated leaders to implement their vision at the start if it needs to find success.

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For the Utility Working Group, it’s really a matter of complexity and required dev work.
The usual flow is the following:

  1. Research and define the scope of what would need to be implemented (current phase that would need to go more in depth)

  2. Detail the implementation requirements, make sure everything is feasible and have time estimates for it

  3. Code everything (SCs) and test, test, test

  4. Prepare frontend screens (while testing testing testing the SCs)

  5. Implement the frontend (while testing testing testing the SCs)

  6. Get the SCs audited

  7. Connect the frontend to the SCs

  8. Test the frontend with the SCs on testnet

  9. Push on mainnet

So some things could be easy/quick. Others would require planning/more work.

  • Dates: it would start on march 25th
  • if this fails the snapshot vote, we will need to have another discussion in Discord to see how we could approach this differently
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Communication wise we can proceed with something similar to what we did with Perp for example.

Roadmap updates: I personally would prefer to avoid them as they create expectations which might lead to deceit. There are a lot of things we don’t control, audits being one of them. Reporting to the community on what is advancing and what is not, is going to be additional overhead to me, personally - It means I need to formalise it and answer to questions (maybe repeatedly) and explain what happened or what is changing, etc …
We could summarise what has been done every 2-4 weeks, after it is done, but we can not start giving updates regarding what is about to come at this point.

We are talking about core product features and whenever there is a need to spend more time on something to get it perfectly right, we will take that time, especially given how critical these different pieces are.

In my opinion and the way I envision it is the 3 months to be a real “Carte Blanche” while keeping the community involved and also starting to define a more clear scope. If the objective is to report back to the DAO, we would need to go more in-depth into the format of the reporting and the way it will be organised, which won’t be a carte blanche but something more hybrid.

The approach I am proposing doesn’t mean there can’t be some community led proposals/actions. These are encouraged and also allow to move faster on different fronts but we can not be in a position to report over each different piece.

For these 3 months, I would like to ask the community to help us, @Toljona organised this forum, you @EAsports with @acedabook @TaeKwonKrypto @Tim_Betting and many others pushed the utility part forward. Another community member just sent me a google doc where he formalised job offers for different positions we are looking to hire for. And this is just what happened last week.
There is a power to be playing as one team and the community putting their confidence in the team to allow it to execute on the core product side + pushing forward/helping on other fronts is exactly what we need now.

This is just my humble opinion.


Agree and seems reasonable, overall I am trying to figure out how to let you all focus on the execution while continuing to keep the community engaged and excited. I think the retrospective updates every 2-4 weeks would be fine and help minimize overhead.

I think this is understandable and 100% agree with trying to minimize overhead and let you and the team focus on executing.

I like this. It would be like the progress that happened and think it would serve the goal I was thinking of.

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It really makes sense. Just voted YES here. Thanks team and well done community for organizing this forum.

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I agree on the 3 months Carte Blanche and I am of the same opinion that giving timelines could be counterproductive when those timelines aren’t met, regardless of the reasons.

That said, what I personally would like to see is what the roadmap looks like. I’m not just referring to the roadmap for the next week or month nor expected ETA, I’m talking about the roadmap for the next 6 to 12 months and what are the milestones that the team has set out for the period. I think this is what was meant by @EAsports below.

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100%- I voted yes. I completely appreciate the need to not give timelines or spend too much overhead on communication. I think it would just be nice to know major goals/milestones as well as some updates as progress happens to keep the community engaged and excited.

I thought what @Marh proposed below is a reasonable compromise.

Hello guys. Maybe LP can be made with coins other than ETH. This would benefit the community and the general populization of the project. We can say the expansion of prospects.


Noob here… Has this already been approved or is the discussion still going on?

Approved. Here is the first update from the team- https://link.medium.com/AfiCqH4x4eb

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